Sports physiotherapy in Malaga

The sports physiotherapy area focuses on helping patients who are actively involved in sports. From high-level athletes to amateur athletes.
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  • We treat and prevent physical injuries produced in the field of sports practice.
  • We are specialists in the treatment of sports injuries.


Sports physical rehabilitation

In this area we will seek to achieve a complete recovery from the injury, achieving through physical work the return to the usual physical activity or work and preventing future injuries.

It is our area in charge of improving and advancing the recovery of an injury, as well as avoiding it.

We understand and apply it in a transversal in the treatment of any injury, in this way, our rehabilitation team is able to rehabilitation team will work with you team will work with you so that through therapeutic exercise, you get a full recovery of mobility.


Functional training

Functional training is based on performing exercises that are adapted to the natural movements of the human body to work muscles and joints globally. They are completely individualized so they are completely adapted to the physical conditions of each patient.


Personal Training

Personal training consists of the performance of physical activity that, in a personalized way, our sports team prescribes exercises, motivates and sets goals considering the patient’s objectives and physical condition, including respiratory and cardiac capacity and state of health.


Stress tests

The heart is the engine of the athlete, knowing its capacity is essential to be able to carry out safe and quality training.

The test consists of performing a progressive and calibrated physical effort in order to study the heart’s responses and identify its performance. By means of the electrocardiogram, we can see the electrical activity of the heart during the entire test.

Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max). By having a gas analyzer, we can determine the maximum capacity of the body to capture, transport and use oxygen during physical exercise.


Please provide us with the following information:

  • Training thresholds (aerobic and anaerobic).
  • The training zones, with their respective heart rates.


The results will allow us to:

  • Determine the appropriate level of physical exertion.
  • Establish a physical activity program aimed at optimizing sports performance.
  • Prevention and/or treatment of heart disease.


Clínica Sohail wants to help you achieve your goals. A good way to know your physical condition or your sports performance is through stress tests.

Professionals at your disposal to make them easily and safely.

High performance training

With the objective of increasing the physical capacity and personal performance of the athlete, helping him to get the most out of his physique in the performance of his sport discipline.


Physical assessment

These are the tests we perform in order to measure and evaluate the different basic physical qualities, in their different facets. The measurement and evaluation of these qualities informs us of the current state of the athlete.


Sports monitoring

By means of the sports follow-up we are able to adjust the proposed training plan favoring the development of the different capacities and physical qualities.

Our goal will be to promote and consolidate sports training so that you can reach your goals.

Our team of sports readaptators will design a plan adapted to your needs in order to offer you a complete recovery.


To address an injury in a comprehensive completely and shorten and shorten recovery times, we will use:


Manual therapy

Used in order to understand more about the lesion and be able to make a better diagnosis.

Unloading techniques or techniques to extend the range of motion of the affected body part.


Invasive therapies

How EPI, Percutaneous Neuromodulation or unloading techniques, we use needle techniques where we get to reach muscles, tendons and fibers directly, and thus, we obtain a more focused and comprehensive treatment with the aim of shortening recovery times.



Both therapies can be combined with technology to help the athlete reduce recovery times, reduce inflammation in the affected area, or improve sports performance significantly thanks to their functionalities and properties.

We highlight the Hyperbaric Chamberthe Therapeutic Magnetic Resonance o Vacusport.


Injury rehabilitation

Exercises aimed at active recovery. The injured area will then be able to return to physical work in a safe and efficient manner.


What are the most frequent injuries that we solve in the area of sports physiotherapy in our clinic in Malaga?

Quervain’s tendinopathy

Epitroclealgia or golfer’s elbow

Epicondylalgia or tennis elbow


Clinical professionals in charge of this specialty
Abdel Monaim Ghanam
Clinical Director
Javier Méndez Sánchez
Physiotherapist and Bachelor in Physical Activity
Miguel Alvarez
Physiotherapist and Bachelor in Physical Activity
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