Injury rehabilitation

In this area we will seek to achieve a complete recovery from the injury, achieving through physical work the return to the usual physical activity or work and preventing future injuries. It is our area in charge of improving and advancing the recovery of an injury, as well as avoiding it. We understand and apply it in a transversal in the treatment of any injury, in this way, our rehabilitation team is able to rehabilitation team will work with you team will work with you so that through therapeutic exercise, you get a full recovery of mobility.
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When is an injury trainer?

Injury rehabilitation is the perfect complement to treatment and can be initiated at any time, depending only on the degree and type of injury.


Why did the figure of the injury trainer appear?

When you have injured a part of your body, this area (muscles, tendons, …) is weakened.

If we do not progressively strengthen and reactivate the injured area and also the whole body as a whole, there is a high probability that you can relapse in the injury suffered or another area of the body is overloaded.


Is the injury rehabilitation service focused on athletes?

Not at all.

We apply this type of functional training both to patients who are athletes (elite or amateur) and to patients who do not actively practice sports.


When is the right time to start my sports rehabilitation?

If our clinical team observes that you have sufficient mobility as long as there is no pain that limits your progress, then we are ready to begin our sports rehabilitation sessions.


How will be the procedure to start the first functional training sessions to recover from your injury?

Once you have passed our clinical phase where our team of physiotherapists give the approval of mobility and also by the sensations that you have, you will be ready to begin.

We will perform it in the first session. We will perform an assessment to see how the musculature is and the range of mobility to have a starting point.

Based on the evaluation, we will draw up a personalized plan where we will complete sessions where we will work to achieve a single objective. To recover and overcome the same quality of life we had before relapsing the injury.

Who will be accompanying you in all your training sessions to fully recover from your injury?

César Díaz Casasola
Doctor in physical activity and sports readaptor
Adrian Trinidad
Sports trainer and personal trainer
Do you need to make an appointment to assess and start with the rehabilitation of your injury?

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