Sports physiotherapy in Malaga

The sports physiotherapy area focuses on helping patients who are actively involved in sports. From high-level athletes to amateur athletes.


Through the hands, we can treat your pains, injuries and relieve discomfort by treating the human body as a whole.

Lumbar physiotherapy

We help to improve spine and back problems through advanced treatments of lumbar physiotherapy and osteopathy, combined with state-of-the-art technology.

Injury rehabilitation

In this area we will seek to achieve a complete recovery from the injury, achieving through physical work the return to the usual physical activity or work and preventing future injuries.

It is our area in charge of improving and advancing the recovery of an injury, as well as avoiding it.

We understand and apply it in a transversal in the treatment of any injury, in this way, our rehabilitation team is able to rehabilitation team will work with you team will work with you so that through therapeutic exercise, you get a full recovery of mobility.