Vibra plus

Vibra is an innovative equipment, capable of producing vibrations of great therapeutic value, which can induce neuro-muscular, metabolic and neurophysiological chain adaptation responses in the myo-osteo-articular structures of the body.

Highly effective treatment to treat muscular and neuromuscular pathologies.”

How do we apply the Vibra Plus treatment?

Vibra offers us treatments to accelerate the innovative electromedical device, functional recovery for muscular and neuro muscular rehabilitation with mechano-selective sound waves.

It is very useful in the organization of clinical work thanks to a very complete software with organizational functions, patient databases, calendar appointments and treatment cycles.

The machine has several outlets where circular heads (suction cups) of different diameters are attached.

In addition, it has movable pointers that provide great versatility of movement to treat smaller areas and vary the area to be treated.

The steps to follow in the application are:

Determine the effect we want to achieve in the user. Here the frequency, sensitivity and depth of the sound wave are determined.
2. Determine the head according to the area to be treated: muscle belly, myotendinous area, etc…
3. The application of each session lasts at least 30 minutes. This is subject to the effect we want to achieve.
4. While treating with the fixed heads with the pointer, the therapist treats the areas where he/she thinks it is convenient to intensify the effects.

What are the benefits of a Vibra Plus treatment?

Non-invasive treatment of muscular and neuromuscular diseases, rehabilitation treatments for the elderly, pain therapy with vibration treatments in support of sports activities, effective therapies for neurological rehabilitation with vibrations.

  • It is a harmless treatment with high therapeutic efficacy.
  • It is a painless therapy, with total relaxation that favors a state of global wellbeing.
  • Total safety for patients with capillary fragility thanks to a reduced vacuum effect.
  • It integrates perfectly with other therapies, increasing the quality of the programmed work.
  • The beneficial effects are evident from the first 24 hours of treatment.
  • As for the frequency used in neurological treatments, it manages to stimulate the inactive musculature and through the inverse myotatic reflex decreases spasticity.
  • At a higher frequency, it is used to produce analgesic effects on muscle pain.