Redcord is a system of suspension in the air by means of pulleys and grips, with the Redcord treatment we can achieve:

  • To treat chronic pain, we use Redcord Neurac
  • Improving physical fitness with Redcord Active
  • Increasing sports performance thanks to Redcord Sport

How is Redcord® treatment applied?

With the Redcord treatment we use the suspension in the air of part or all of the body by means of special ropes and pulleys, thus activating more muscles than with other methods.

The first day will be dedicated to evaluate how your muscles are through specific tests and from there, no matter if you are in pain, if you are well but you want to improve your form or prevent injuries or if you are an athlete and want to increase performance.

High levels of neuromuscular stimulation are intended to restore functional movement patterns.

What benefits does Redcord bring to our body?

  • It is able to assess the quality of movement and detect inactive muscles and activate them quickly.
  • It allows us to add assisted support with auxiliary shock absorbers through multiple suspension points so that we can get to work on specific muscles.
  • It facilitates proper body alignment and efficient movement patterns through the use of ropes and bungee cords that help everyone to practice safely.

When do we not recommend a Redcord® treatment?

  • Renal, hepatic, pulmonary and cardiac insufficiency.
  • Acute and chronic infectious diseases.
  • Traumatic or inflammatory processes if exercise impacts the affected area creating further conflict.