Congratulations! Congratulations for deciding to do a physical activity. Like you, we love exercise and sports. We practice it and we have made it a healthy and fun model of life.
If you practice sports, we both know that each sport requires a good physical condition.
If your desire is to be healthy, the practice of exercise, whether after an injury or before its appearance, physical activity is essential to live longer and better.

Our commitment:
. Take care of your body
. Prepare to achieve your achievements

Are you one of ours?

. I am an amateur or professional athlete and I want to achieve my goals.
. They have given me the medical discharge and I want to return to my normal rhythm.
. I have non-pathological functional deficits.
. I have little time but I need to take care of myself.
. I want to lose or gain weight.
. I am an older person and the time has come to do it well.
. I want to stay healthy.

How can we help you?
. Accompany you in a safe, sequenced and healthy way to the previous state of your injury.
. Reeducate your work system and motor control.
. Optimize your performance and sports performance
. Improve your general fitness by adapting your state, age and goals.

What do we offer you? Training + Results + Premium Biotechnology at your fingertips
We put ourselves at your disposal with the maximum commitment and scientific rigor
A wide experience, formation and a magnificent work endorsed by our users.
In the Sports Physical Readaptation Unit you have:
• Isoinercial machines such as the conical pulley "versapulley" and "kbox" that allow to work the eccentric exercise at the highest level.
• System for measuring different parameters of the Force through the "SmartCoach" equipment that allows us to evaluate, assess and control training loads.
• Imoove technology for the work of joint mobility and reconditioning of motor patterns.
• Optogait for the biomechanical evaluation of the march and the race.
• Other means of functional assessment such as "leg motion," stabilizer "," technique "



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