MBST® Therapeutic Magnetic Resonance Therapy

The alternative to surgery and medication for the treatment of osteoarthritis, herniated discs, joint pain and other degenerative pathologies.

Now, it is possible to reduce pain and improve functionality in degenerative osteoarticular injuries pain-free, risk-free and without side effects.

That is what MBST® Therapeutic Magnetic Resonance Imaging does.

Do you want to know how this treatment can help you?

MBST® Therapeutic Magnetic Resonance Imaging produces three-dimensional cartilage augmentation.

All degenerative joint and bone diseases, hernias, arthrosis, … They are preceded by wear and tear of the bone cartilage.

What are cartilages?

Cartilages are spongy membranes found covering the ends of bones.

These membranes join together with other bone extremities and form joints.

What happens when that membrane called cartilage tends to wear out?

When the cartilage wears out, pain, stiffness and functional disability appear in the joints.

This joint pain appears in the first gestures and decreases when we give more movement to our body.

However, these symptoms are likely to change depending on which joint is affected.

The radio waves of MBST® therapy have a therapeutic effect at the cellular level.

Therapeutic MRI creates a magnetic field during treatment.

This aligns the hydrogen protons from the tissue that is damaged.

Simultaneously, the radio waves act intermittently on the protons when they are active causing a change in position and, in the inactive phase, the protons regain position and release energy on the damaged tissue cells.

This is how MBST® therapy recharges the cells and reactivates their metabolic activity by triggering anti-inflammatory, analgesic, chronobiological and regenerative processes.

MBST® therapy is ready to help improve quality of life. Our patient care team will be happy to answer your questions.

What positive effects can MBST® Therapeutic Magnetic Resonance Therapy treatment have?

Illustration of deteriorated knee cartilage.

Illustration of fully recovered knee cartilage.

Frequently asked questions and answers from patients who have undergone MBST® therapy

MBST® therapy cannot suddenly compensate for damage that has developed over a long period of time. However, many patients report that their mobility improved rapidly and the associated pain was reduced or even disappeared.

Both the efficacy and tolerance of MBST® therapy in the treatment of numerous ailments, complaints and disabilities of the musculoskeletal system is confirmed by numerous articles such as the MedTec article and specialized publications.

The data we have from our patients show that a significant reduction in pain can even be maintained for years after therapy.

Intravenous infiltrations, medications and painkillers are not part of MBST® therapy.

Your therapist will be the one to decide if in your particular case it is necessary to accompany the therapy with any additional treatment.

MBST® has been applied internationally since 1998. To date, we are not aware of any side effects.

In general, it is recommended to drink plenty of water during the treatment period and at least until the first check-up.

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