Pudendal neuralgia

What is pudendal neuralgia?

Pudendal neuralgia is a painful neuropathic disorder that affects the dermatome of the pudendal nerve, i.e., it is a disorder of the pudendal nerve that causes pain throughout the area it innervates (extending from the anus to the clitoris).

The main objectives are to maintain normal ranges of motion, relieve pain, correct muscle imbalances, achieve good posture and improve pelvic, back and hip strength.

How do we treat pudendal neuralgia?

For this purpose, Clínica Sohail performs a global assessment beforehand, We perform a thorough and complete examination of the musculoskeletal and nervous system, and depending on the results, we assess which type of treatment is the most appropriate for the patient. In a cross-cutting manner, the readaptation team will carry out an intervention through therapeutic exercise

Depending on the degree of injury, and together with the application of technology such as ultrasound-guided percutaneous intratissue electrolysis (EPI), and Echoguided Percutaneous Percutaneous Neuromodulation, Shock waves, Imoove or Magnetic Resonance Therapy (MBST), we will work with a program of control exercises, global postural reeducation (RPG) and/or strength exercises.

The Hyperbaric Chamber can be a great ally in the recovery, thanks to the oxygenation that occurs in the tissues that is produced in the tissues, reduces the recovery time of breaks, wounds, muscle injuries and bone fractures.


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